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Plaza Fiesta Wayfinding System 


Work type

Wayfinding design/ Branding

About the project

Plaza Fiesta is a Hispanic shopping mall in Atlanta. The shopping mall includes several stores with shopping, services, dining, and community events. This is a nice place for Mexican cultural exploration. However, the wayfinding design makes the space hard to explore and involve. Also, the signage for the space builds in Spanish and English, staying in different systems. The space needs better design to enhance visitors' shopping experience.

Redesign signage-17.png
Redesign signage-14.png
Redesign signage-15.png
Redesign signage-12.png
Redesign signage-16.png
Redesign signage-13.png

Public Installation

Interactive and Digital Space is a kind of strategy to enhance the communication between humans and physical space. As well as to allow multiple users to collectively influence and expand the space they view. The design approach also provokes a better memory in public spaces.

Through different interactive design approaches, customers can obtain a better experience in exploring the plaza. Also, the component will make better promotion of the plaza. The interactive design method will also lead customers better understand Mexican culture.


Interactive and Digital Space

Find out the social vending machine

Find out the social vending machine

Find out the social vending machine

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