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Solo Travel


Work type

Handbook design/Illustrator

About the project

Although we live in a collective society, we always need time and space to make self-exploration because people are busy interacting with others. This behavior gives people a choice to avoid the routine and find something fresh in their life experience. This moment makes people reset our sensitivity and curiosity. Self-traveling is a way to make a breath with life routines. 


Self-traveling is for all people who feel anxiety, and confusion about the current situation, and need challenges. During traveling, people should keep independence, face challenges, and feel lonely. Self-traveling may be an effective way to break out of the rule and create new things. We should give ourselves a chance to communicate with ourselves. We may make a comparison between group traveling and self-traveling which is different from the experience. Why do we think self-traveling gives us chance to find our soul? By sharing my own experience to show what self-traveling will be and some tips to remind them through the journal.

Project Process


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