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MasterHouse: helpers finding app


Work type

UX/UI design/ Figma/ After Effect

About the project

MasterHouse is designed for worldwide people. Browse the network of diverse helpers to do tasks and solve any problems. Post your desire and needs to find a reliable person who is available, within your budget, and you feel comfortable communicating.  Whatever the tasks with a chauffeur, moving furniture, roommate finding, etc., you could get the best local electricians through your friends and community.  


Project process

Story & User scenario

After I came to the United States as an international student, I often needed some human resources or simple help, such as asking someone to help with moving, finding someone to drive, installing software, repairing computers, etc. These usually one-time jobs tend to be the tasks.


Last summer, I planned to move from Savannah to Atlanta. I want to sell my furniture quickly. I posted my table, a gray sofa with a low price, to the international student group on WeChat. After one week, no one wanted to buy that couch, and the message got lost in a flood of other messages. I am in a rush to move next week, so I decided to move the sofa to goodwill, but I didn’t have a big truck to carry with the furniture. I go to the website to find the human resource for moving, which is too expensive. The moving company offers a whole day for a high fee.

On the last day with the rental, I didn’t know how to deal with that sofa. I chose to throw the sofa on the side road, in the condition. I still need

a person to help me move the heavy sofa to the trash area, just around a 15-minute move. I made a new post to the We Chat with the task. There

are two students reply to my request for a private message. Because my house needs to clean up before 4 pm, I want a person to instantly help me

move the sofa. The first student couldn’t help me do the task at short notice. The second student was willing to move the couch. I think he is a

Korean student in the conversation and not a Chinese student. He requested 30 dollars for the job. Although I think the price is still high for a 15-minute task, I still chose him to help with the task. He arrived at my house at 4 pm and moved the sofa with me. A bad thing happened during

the move. Because our door is narrow, he scratched the door and did damage to the door. Before leaving the house, the owner made me

pay for the damage. Also, I blamed it because of the latest move. I have nothing to say and pay a double fee for the destruction.

Target Audience

  • IOS/Android with phone and laptop

  • International people

Brag point

People who want to find helpers

-Post your request instantly

-Categorize the services

-Discover and compare with diverse helpers

-Book appointments with locals instantly

- The credit value of talents, and get the efficient and secure recruitment

-Read verified ratings and reviews from costumers

People who want to get a part-time jobs

-Get hired for a variety of job

-Choose work in real-time

- Instant messaging

-Subscribe to exclusive job opportunities

User Flow diagram



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Style Guide


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Shadow & border

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On boarding illustration


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Key Features

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