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My Menifesto


Work type

Experimental/ Handbook/ Illustrator

About the project

As graphic designers, we deal with visuals to connect the viewers with their experience, whether it’s in the past or future. To reach this target, seeing, one of the human senses, is not enough to explore the world. People absorb their memories through all of their senses. According to Dejan Stojanovic , “Senses empower limitations, senses expand vision within borders, senses promote understanding through pleasure.” (Dejan) After we realize more about the power of senses for understanding the world, we can better express our clams through visuals. Graphic design is not only related to beautiful visuals. We should realize what people engage in and encourage the

audience to care about different issues. Some issues might be ordinary, while some are hidden. Our duty is to provoke people realization of more issues. With their awareness, the world fuse together.

Sense book-02_edited.jpg
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