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How We See the World


Work type

Event design/Exhibition/ Web UI/ Illustrator

About the project

Color is a powerful feature that eases communication among humans. However, about 8% of men, 8%, and 5% of women in

the world have color blindness (Color blindness awareness). Color blindness means that a person has difficulty seeing red,

green, blue, or certain hues of these colors. There are four main types of color blindness: Deuteranomaly, Protanomaly, Tritanomaly, and Monochromacy. Color blindness is considered a mild disability because it will learn from color blindness and prevent adults from doing certain jobs. They suffer from the color dictatorship of ordinary people's incomprehension and discrimination (Janet). This problem primarily stems from the ignorance and prejudice of ordinary people toward color blindness. How to help ordinary people eliminate the bias of color blindness and understand their situation is the direction we want to explore on this topic.

Project process

Affinity Map

  • Color blindness receive discrimination which provoke social difficulties

  • People think they are weak party with disability

Target Audience

  • Color blindness

  • People who don’t understand color vision deficiency

Empathy map

 1​. David Miller

  • Goal/Desire

  1. Earn more opportunities to communicate with normal-vision people

  2. Reduce down the anxiety from society

  • Problem/Depression

  1. Feel like the black sheep of the family

  2. The questions and misunderstanding from peers

 2. Brandi Tyler

  • Goal/Desire

  1. Reduce the discrimination to color blindness

  2. Learn more about color vision defficiency

  • Problem/Depression

  1. Feel strange and weird about color blindness

  2. They seems as disability

Pain point

  1. People don’t understand the situation and background of color blindness that causes social prejudice.

  2. Color blindness have difficulty communicating opportunities with ordinary people

  3. Relevant organizations have not effectively promoted the issue of color blindness in the community

Problem statement

  • The public lacks the awareness to understand and encounter difficulties in social life.

  • Organizations related to the development of color blindness still do not have an effective way to arouse people's attention

Reaserch statement

  • Strengthen the propaganda of the issue of color blindness.

  • Create a good communication opportunity for the public.

Opportunity statement

  • The design method will lead to an exhibition on the topic of color blindness.

  • The exhibition is a conscious, visually-based communication medium. Use elements such as color, light and shade, space, etc., to arouse the viewer's sensory perception

  • This exhibition will cooperate with the organization Color Blind Awareness.

  • The public can learn more about the world of color blindness through this activity. Ultimately, reduce discrimination against color blindness and provide assistance.

Design process









  • Let people know about the exhibition

  • Let people know the definition of color blindness

  • Experience what they see in the routine

  • color blindness share thier difficulties and encounters in society with

  • interview video and seminar




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