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Happy O' Clock: Taste the feeling


Work type

 Web UI/ Figma/ Dreamweaver

About the project

Everyone desires to gain happiness. Throughout history, researchers have been studying how people define their happiness. Some studies have shown that happiness relates to mental health and welfare to a certain extent. Results showed a strong relationship between overall grit and perseverance of effort with subjective well-being.

The project was established as responsive website to explore the factors of "How to be happy". Our goal is to establish a beneficial resource so users can enjoy a moment of happiness. To tackle this subject, I created a webpage relate to human food memories, utilizing the stories from interviews and creating dynamic data. The webpage page will give questions about visitors’ favorite food-related memories. By building up their memories with meals and reading through others’ stories for fun or nostalgia, people could share their opinions and create empathy from the resources and provoke happiness.


Project Research

Research Questions

1.How does happiness play the role in our daily life?
2.How do you measure happiness?
3.Can positive thinking leads to happiness?
4.Is it possible to stay happy  long term?
5.What make me happy?
6.Can money buy happiness?

Affinitization of data

Topic research

Globel statement

The team followed the direction with “Happy is a collection of positive affirmations, exercises and activities.” Our research on long-term gratification shows that life event have an accessible approach that leads people to make decisions and ultimately live happier lives. The human activities have a combination of happiness and challenges for your abilities, and the more you are engaged in them, the more you are able to enjoy them. The research that these activities require more effort, but the pay-off is higher and helps to ease the tension and stress and bring people inner peace.

“After our needs are met, the real work is to find what truly matters to us. We come face to face with our values. In contrast, there is little intrinsic value in any materials. We soon come to take such new shiny objects for granted. What we seek is to be seen and to feel appreciated.” (Horgan)


Design process 

Site map

Typeface exploration

Typeface decision

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High fidelity webpage


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