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Gucci Compaign:100 Anniversary


Work type

Marketing research/ UI design/ Illustrator/Photoshop

About the project

The year 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the brand Gucci. This will be a perfect time to celebrate its brand heritage and classics. Our initial inspiration and ideas for this project also came from this. Gucci started with leather horse accessories and became well-known for its high-quality luggage. In these 100 years of vigorous growth, Gucci has repeatedly endowed its classic and iconic

handbags with innovative designs and the significance of the times. Therefore, Therefore, we focus on Gucci bags and the protagonists of the Gucci anniversary is a Gucci leather horse accessory and five Gucci handbags.


To attract more millennials and Gen Z consumers and enhance the transmission of playful, entertaining, and emotional value; we have the combined 3D video game that is currently the favorite of the young generation, and at the same time integrated the plot and function of the story narration, and achieve to interact seamlessly with social media.

We plan to launch one leather saddle and five classic handbags from the past on a global level, in the form of a 3D video game on the Gucci App in December 2021. These six products represent the heritage and bond between the brand's history

and the current era. Also, we plan to attract consumers through publicity and promotion by user-generated content on social media, the placement of video advertisements on social networks (Instagram and YouTube), as well as the opening of an offline exhibition at Christmas to achieve the anniversary with publicity effect and promote sales.

Marketing research/Campaign planning/ Decision giude/ Visualization

Brand Analysis

SWOT Analysis

截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.05.54.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.06.54.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.06.34.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.07.19.png

Target Audience & Perceptual map

截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.10.00.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.11.13.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.10.39.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.11.24.png

Marketing research

Research strategy & positioning strategy

截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.13.33.png

Research strategy & Positioning strategy

截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.14.32.png

Research strategy & Positioning strategy

截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.15.05.png

Research strategy & Positioning strategy

截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.13.48.png

Research strategy & Positioning strategy

截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.14.49.png

Research strategy & Positioning strategy

Communication objective

截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.18.19.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.19.29.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.18.53.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.20.26.png


截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.22.37.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.23.17.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.23.54.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.24.54.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.22.14.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.22.53.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.23.38.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.24.41.png
截圖 2022-11-26 下午2.25.18.png


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