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Embrace: UX/UI design, branding


Work type

Project research/ App design Website UI/ Figma/ Illustration/ Event design, thesis topic

About the project

In the present era of globalization, the flow of population across national borders has accelerated due to economic and political influences. Immigration to Taiwan has rapidly increased since the 1990s, and this group has integrated into Taiwan's population. Most of those immigrants are women with transnational marriages. The difficulties facing immigrant women are the language barrier with Chinese and the conflation of class and race.

To address such social problems, the Taiwanese government established literacy education to help spouses and children adapt to their new lives. However, discrepancies remain within the promotion strategy of public acknowledgment and the most appropriate promotion approach to reach immigrant women. This project will integrate interviews with Taiwanese immigrant women and social workers to understand current situations. Furthermore, I will analyze Taiwan's social support system and establish an efficient approach to the problem utilizing the communicative power of graphic design and publicity. This project intends to understand the challenges and difficulties facing immigrant women moving to Taiwan and create an optimized methodology with the implemented publicity to assist Taiwan immigrant woman.

Project Research


After the 1990s, Taiwan's new immigrants have grown rapidly in proportion. More than 90% of the new residents were women. Most of these new immigrants came to Taiwan because of marriage. Now, there are nearly 1 million "new residents" and children of new residents in Taiwan.  (Taiwan government data)

What they will face when new immigrants immigrate to a new country?

Cultural shock
Language/ Religion/ Culture


Multi roles through new family
Wife/ Mother/ Daughter-in-law

Patriarchal society/ Bias of son

How does immigration  influence Taiwanese society?

Poor neighborhood relationship

  • Safety concerns with new immigrants

  • Deplete the resources


Stigmatization of immigrant women

  • Called as “alien bride” or “runaway bride.”

  • Considered to be entering fake marriages with prostitution

  • Second-class citizens

Problem space

Language Barrier

  • Hard to communicate

  • Hard to get the job

  • Hard to educate new borns

Stigmatization by Taiwanese Residents

  • Poor neighborhood relationship

Poor relationship with Taiwanese family

  • Conflict with mother-in-law

  • Patriarchy society

  • Domestic violence

  • Lost custody

  • Unable to get identity

Poor assistance strategies from Gov& Org

  • Only use phone calls as contacting tool

  • Poor design of service handbook

  • Poor promotion strategies for any lecture or event

Target audience

(Based on interviews and second-hand research)

Immigrate from South-East Asia/ Immigrate from developing countries


Name: Nguyen
Age: 24
Status: Just married

I wish I could learn more Chinese when I try to talk with my mother-in-law about Vietnamese food culture. 

I wish I could meet with my social worker frequently and talk to him about the fight with my husband.

I wish I could gain experience from other immigrants and share my feelings who have similar circumstances.

Design thinking & Developement

Thesis mapping (5).jpg



Social care app

Efficient social assistance

  • Better literacy course promotion

  • Online consulting system

  • Immigrant community 


Promotion website for destigmatization

Build a credible education space

  • Evaluate the advocacy

  • A better understanding of the immigrant woman


Professional lecture event

Get engage with immigrants

  • Make connections with immigrant woman

  • Sharing experience with new immigrants

Style Guide 

Group 107.png



Group 113.png


Group 114.png



Group 108.png



Group 110.png
Group 109.png
Group 111.png
Group 112.png





Social care app



Literacy course

  • Gain an entree with a new language


Weekly visit

  • Connect with the social worker for scheduled meetings

  • Create family meeting



  • Listen to professionals

  • Share stories and experiences

Launching + Learning

Frame 2.png



Destigmatize webstie



  • Event promotion


  • Immigrant interviews

  • Blog

Taking action

  • Donations

  • Volunteer


High fidelity wireframe 


Immigrant transition lecture

A panel discussion with immigrants who have successfully transitioned to Taiwan


  • Immigrant learning from professionals

  • Neighborhood relationship

Enhance the exposure through

  • School

  • Neighborhood

  • Flea market

  • City center

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