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Who's Birthday: Birthday planning app


Work type

App design/ Illustrator

About the project

 Birthday is special for everyone that shares the joy of being born. However, there are too many friends, and people get a birthday yearly. How to be well prepared for your friends or family? How do I prepare a proper gift for a specific person? How do I organize my schedule and hold a party? Who's Birther day is designed for users to organize perfect birthday plans. Users can classify the degree of their relationships, such as friends or colleagues, and customize their events. There are detailed planning and information links for setting up participants, venues, party activities, budget, and gift preparation.


Design process

User Scenario

 I like to prepare a surprise for my friends and eat a meal with quality time. However,  I started to work the year, and I am so busy managing my time. Also, I have so many friends that I want to celebrate with them. I am hard to remember and schedule everyone's birthday even though I set the google calendar. I just missed my high school best friends' birthday and feel sad about the situation. Although I miss her birthday, I still want to send out a gift to her, but I have no idea what budget 200 has and what kinds of options. My original plan is sending a letter with our old picture to celebrate our ten years of friendship, but after I change my phone and the old data are missing. There might be a place for my to preserve those good memories.

Pain point


I want to make a tangible process with my celebrating plan


I want to know if there are more options to prepare a gift


I hope I can manage the memory like a diary

User Flow



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