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Red House


Work type

Typography/ Experimental/ Illustrator

About the project

A good movie is a meditation on society. No matter the story or the life of others, it is described through the world view of the screenwriter. Everyone has their side that they insist on and like. When they share a social issue or want to express the theme. As an audience, we can see the real society through the surface of the story in the process of watching movies, which is what movies can bring to us. Is can allow us to understand society and every phenomenon through the stories in the images, which allows us to understand the complexity and chaos of the world even without experience and to see this wonderful and complex world. society.

The project led to demonstrating Taiwanese memories with films. Through many years, Taiwan has gone through many issues and links to society. There are many stories that are memorable and present cultural identity. I create an installation for the audience that provokes nostalgia for Taiwan memories.  To tackle the subject, I utilize Xiamen Red House as a visual identity. Xiamen Red House is a historic theater set on the main street in Taipei. Audiences could go choose their favorite era and look through any films. 

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